I think we who write and produce artwork wish we could do it full time. However, so many of us must put food on the table with other skills. 
   I do not lament my profession. I am very proud of the work I do. Like so many artists, I have a longing to express myself. Who doesn't, really? We are in many ways all the same. The only difference is that I found the time and ambition to write a novel.  The life experiences we gain from working and living are the reservoir of knowledge we use to create our stories. 
   Someday I may be able to feed myself with my writing. For now, I am content to put my hands to work making other people's homes a little more beautiful. 
      I am adding Norway Savings Bank to the list, 'friends of ‘The Flame’. I have been a long time member of the Norway Savings Bank. For those of you who are local to me, this means right back to the days of Brunswick Savings. 

     On a recent visit to the bank, I was of course talking about my book. One of the tellers said she would love to read the book and did I have any copies. I said I did and returned a short while later with a signed book. Everyone at the bank was supportive and encouraging. 

     The branch manager approached me and told me that Norway Savings Bank supports local artists. She then offered me a prominent place to display my book for the other customers to view. 

      I was over the moon and quickly went home to create a small wooden display box. The next day after the finishing oil was dry, I brought it to the bank. True to their word, I was allowed to put the book display in a good spot. 

    Thank you Norway Savings Bank for supporting me and many other local artists. You are truly friends of "The Flame".