Our early spring adventures have taken us to Acadia National Park.  We have discovered the libraries on Mt. Desert Island are as good as the hiking. Today, I’m going to spotlight the Jesup Memorial Library.  The library is located on Mt. Desert Street in Bar Harbor. Bar Harbor is a small but densely packed town serving the local community and tourists from all over the world.
    Taking a springtime trip means the usually crowded town is devoid of the heavy traffic seen during the summer months. Many of the shops are still boarded up or closed for the winter season. The weather can be cold and damp. Fortunately for us, the Jesup Memorial library is open and serving the hearty year round resident and us early spring adventurers.

   From the outside, the library is an impressive brick building with a real slate roof and many masonry architectural details around the windows and doors.
    On the inside, the large main hall is a tribute to craftsmanship. Dark stained hardwood moldings go from the ground to the second floor supporting a high arched decorative ceiling. The finish carpenter in me is drawn to quality craftsmanship. I also appreciate having this fine work accessible to everyone vs inside some private home to be seen by few.

    A short history of Jesup Memorial Library is shown on a Museum in the Streets plaque outside the building. It was built by the wife of Morris K. Jesup in 1911.
My wife and I were very impressed with this library, and the staff were happy and helpful. For the traveler, the wifi was excellent and we were able to keep in touch with our friends and family.

     Each library we visit has a different flavor and feeling. Jesup Memorial Library gets high marks for architecture, craftsmanship and friendly librarians. If you travel to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, make plans to stop in to this library. It’s a wonderful place to relax from the hectic travel schedule or spend some time during rainy days.