It is finished. It has just begun. 
Sometime in October of 2013 the first words started flowing from my mind and into the word processor. Now in August 2015, twenty two months since it began, the book is published. This completes the conception and incubation of the book. The anticipation of delivery has been keeping me up at night for months. After a long and arduous delivery, the birth has happened. It is over, complete, finished. 

       I had no idea this fling with my own thoughts would produce a bundle of joy. It was all so easy in the beginning. As so many of these relationships start, I had some time on my hands. Why not put a few of these daydreams onto paper? What could it hurt? It could be fun. Why not?

      It was a lot of fun at first. The ideas flowed like champagne. Words and ideas poured onto the pages. Then the rough patches started to show up. I could see the relationship was starting to consume me. Doubt over my abilities and the number of years from my last english class showed in my work. 

        Before I knew it, the manuscript was complete, thus committing me to see this child into the light of day. The hard work began. What started as fun was now an editing stone to be rolled up the hill only to tumble down again and again. These were the hard months. Now that I could no longer hide my words from the family, I enlisted many of my closest supporters. We all worked together to make sure this child was born healthy and ready to take on the world. 

        I couldn’t wait for the day to arrive. I thought it would never come, but finally it did. 

       But wait! It is not over. The end is the beginning. Since the delivery it needs feeding and nourishment all the time.  It’s demands for a public are insatiable. Even as I long for a sense of accomplishment, it demands my attention. Thus begins the new chapter in the life of the book. I must do my utmost to see that it’s read by those who may enjoy it. Time will tell if I have succeeded in bringing this creative endeavor to fruition. 

    Here’s to endings, and here’s to beginnings.   



08/11/2015 4:29pm

Wishing you loads of success as that baby grows, Mark! 😊

08/11/2015 5:14pm

Thank you very much. I can use all the good Karma I can get.

08/17/2016 7:13pm

I was so happy to know that your book was finally finished! After it was published, I read it and knew instantly that it was worth the wait. You have seriously done a tremendous job at it and I applaud you for that.

08/22/2016 8:53am

Thank you so much for your complement. It has been an amazing adventure and it just keeps going and going. I'm very glad you enjoyed the book, and that you have been going through my first blog posts. It’s comments like these that keep me writing my blog posts and continuing to write.
Mark Evans


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