I think we who write and produce artwork wish we could do it full time. However, so many of us must put food on the table with other skills. 
   I do not lament my profession. I am very proud of the work I do. Like so many artists, I have a longing to express myself. Who doesn't, really? We are in many ways all the same. The only difference is that I found the time and ambition to write a novel.  The life experiences we gain from working and living are the reservoir of knowledge we use to create our stories. 
   Someday I may be able to feed myself with my writing. For now, I am content to put my hands to work making other people's homes a little more beautiful. 


09/16/2015 9:31pm

I commend you. I'm a dayjob writer also. Yes, I would love to write full-time but I must pay bills and I must eat food. (smile) But you are right, making the time and having the ambition to create is what pushes you through. Thank you for this post. I've had a stressful week at work thus far and this came at the right time. Good luck to you and Happy Writing!

09/17/2015 5:26am

Thank you for taking the time to comment on the post. I think there are more of us that are day job witers than not. I'm also thrilled that it came at a good moment.
Mark Evans

09/17/2015 1:05am

Wonderful that you have given yourself the gift of time in order to complete a novel. There are always reasons, like having a day job, that give people reasons not to follow their dreams. Very inspiring that you pushed them out of the way and reached your goal.

09/17/2015 5:40am

I also had a very supportive, wife, family, and friends. If it wasn't for the team I would have never gotten here.

11/18/2015 12:38pm

It is very risk to start writing own book. When learning how to write a novel, it’s important to break it down step by step. The most critical part of your novel is the first chapter—which, coincidentally, is also the most exciting to write.

01/26/2016 9:48am

I must say this is very interesting and creativity job


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