I am adding Norway Savings Bank to the list, 'friends of ‘The Flame’. I have been a long time member of the Norway Savings Bank. For those of you who are local to me, this means right back to the days of Brunswick Savings. 

     On a recent visit to the bank, I was of course talking about my book. One of the tellers said she would love to read the book and did I have any copies. I said I did and returned a short while later with a signed book. Everyone at the bank was supportive and encouraging. 

     The branch manager approached me and told me that Norway Savings Bank supports local artists. She then offered me a prominent place to display my book for the other customers to view. 

      I was over the moon and quickly went home to create a small wooden display box. The next day after the finishing oil was dry, I brought it to the bank. True to their word, I was allowed to put the book display in a good spot. 

    Thank you Norway Savings Bank for supporting me and many other local artists. You are truly friends of "The Flame". 



09/04/2015 10:04am

That is true community support and what I miss about having a local bank. So rare these days.

09/10/2015 1:56am

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Mark Evans
09/10/2015 4:52am

Thank you very much for reading my blog post. I hope you and your spouse find good subjects for debate.

05/27/2016 4:22am

This Norway saving bank has good history behind it. If you were local you will know the history of this bank. From past this bank is very generous towards their customer and use to support them financially giving loans. This bank has encouraged a lot of artists and supported them financially.

06/12/2016 6:00am

I am sure this bank is pretty reliable. Nice post.


Thank you Norway Savings Bank for supporting me too :)

07/10/2016 12:14pm

I see we have much more in common than just writing. It's great when your community is behind you.


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