The Freeport Community Library has made me one happy author! They have purchased my newly released book "The Flame". I can't tell you how much this means to me. I and my 'Flame Team' have been working very hard over the past two years to bring the book to completion.   

There is a sense of accomplishment having my book shelved in my hometown library. Hopefully, some readers will take the book home and enjoy it. 

I am also feeling supported by my community when the library added my name to the thousands of authors in their catalog. Having lived in many towns along the midcoast, Freeport is the town I chose to grow roots in. The more I interact with the generous and talented people of Freeport, the more I love the town. With the library willing to add my book to the community resources, I feel even more connected to our town. 

The library does so much for us all. I have seen people parked in the parking lot using the Wi-Fi before and after hours. The community calendar is full of activities for young and old alike - movies, concerts, author talks, community events. I and my wife have performed many times at the library coffee house, which is hosted there several times a year.  And of course, there are plenty of books, magazines, movies, computers, desks, and comfy chairs in which to read.

Thank you Freeport Community Library. I wish you could see how happy you have made me. 



The library is a very useful institution. It is not possible for everybody to purchase books on every subject. In the library the same books pass through several hands by rotation.


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