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1.Tell me something about yourself first and how you decided to become a writer?

I am an adventurous soul. I dropped out of high school in my youth, and soon found myself hiking the entire Appalachian Trail. I would also tour Europe and log over 2000 miles in that journey. Settling down in Maine, I worked for over 30 years as a carpenter. My father was diagnosed with cancer, and this allowed me some time to not only help him but do something creative. My book “The Flame” was a result of this opportunity. 

2.Why you started writing and what makes you keep on writing?

Opportunity and wanting to be creative starts me writing, Now I am waiting for more opportunities to continue my writing. I am still working on getting my first book to the readers who would enjoy it.

3.What was your first book and how many books have you published since then?

This is my first book, and it took me into my 50’s to write this one, I hope to not wait so long before the next.

4. Why writing is so important for you and what you want to achieve from writ-ing?

Writing is expression, and I had something to say. Intwined in the pages of my book you will find who I really am, and what I value. I write to be heard. By using story to show people rather than tell them what is important to you, the reader will be en-tertained as well as informed. 

5. What genre do you write and what is the hardest part of your writing?

I write for young adult to adult. The hardest part for me is editing! Since I dropped out of high school, my spelling and grammar are horrible. That being said, I’d like to think my story telling and content are very good. I’ll let the readers be the judge of course, but I have had some good reviews from many people.

6. Which author(s) inspired you the most and why?

Isaac Asimov, Patrick O’Brian, Ray Bradbury, and Arthur C. Clarke. These authors not only have great and inspiring stories, they have something to say about life and human nature. They have left their mark on history through the art of story telling.

7.What is your writing style and how you differentiate your writing from other fellow writers? 

Several of my readers have said my characters practically walk off the pages. People can identify with them and have strong feeling for them. After all when you read a book you want to be able to see yourself in it.

8. Why do people think self-publishing is still a vanity or even stigma and how you going to change that?

Indie authors are part of the new economy. No longer do we have to measure up to a cor-porate view of how marketable our work is. We stand alone, and we take the criticism or the praise for our writing. We are allowed to write outside the box. I consider it bravery, not vanity. 

9. Why marketing is so important for indie authors and what steps are you taking for your own marketing needs?

Indie authors by definition are week in marketing. This interview is an example of an at-tempting to reach out to the world. I have no delusions of becoming successful by the stan-dards set by institutional book sellers. The joy I receive is from a reader telling me how much they enjoyed my writing. I plug along in my humble social media attempts. My hope is someday to catch a little traction and get my book to a wider audience. 

10. What is your opinion on e-book and do you think people will eventually choose e-book over physical book and why?

E-books are generational. The younger generation is much more comfortable with com-puter reading than us older folks. Paperbacks will never disappear, but I think they will be a smaller part of the market. E-books are also much more environmentally friendly. 

11. What are you writing now and what is your expectation from this new book?

I am in the pondering stage of my writing. When the right inspiration and time opportu-nity come along, I’ll put my fingers to the keyboard. 

12. Where can people find more about your works?

My website is the best location to find out more about the book. 
I have links to not only purchasing the book, but articles about writing it and the cover artwork. 

Thank you so much for your time, really appreciated and I take this opportunity to wish you again for all the best. Hey, keep on writing, the world needs you! TIM I GURUNG/AUTHOR AT ISSLCARE –



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nice interview thanks for the post.

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You're very welcome. Thank you for visiting the site.

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