On a recent trip to, Quebec Canada, I discovered some masterpieces of artwork you will not find in travel guides. All of these works are painted on structural concrete supports holding up a major roadway. 

     I have to preface this a little. This is artwork that was sanctioned and allowed by the local powers that be. Some of it will appeal to some, but not all. 

     I will be the first to say that if you paint onto something that you do not own, you are committing a crime. 

     Because these works are approved, I love sharing this find with everyone. Some of the works show the grit that comes with street art. A lot of it show some incredible technical talent that is unmistakable as that of a practiced hand. 



04/27/2016 12:50am

Painting of different things are posted here but I have not much common knowledge about this painting and art. Meanwhile, we can read some important details here which will help us a lot to develop our understandings about them.

08/13/2016 7:43am

This blog is truly extraordinary in all aspects.

09/01/2016 10:06am

I love street art too! Thank you for this awesome post and for these photos.

09/01/2016 10:53am

Your welcome for the post. I'll be posting more of this type of post as I continue my travels.


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