Because of our obsession with climbing many of the 4000 foot mountains of the New Hampshire, our travels have brought us to, “The Maia Papaya” again. We were in search of coffee, good food, and humanity, while we planed our next hike. The Maia Papaya did not let us down. Coffee, check, smooth and hot. Good food, check, breakfast burrito to die for. Humanity, check, we were introduced to the newest artist, "Greg Williams", who's work is on display this month and next.

   Meeting Greg was completely serendipitous. My wife and I were commenting on how cool the new artwork in the cafe was, when the owner points to a man enjoying breakfast and informed us that this was the artist. After a short introduction, we asked Greg to join us. It did not take long to realize Greg is a man of many passions. 

   Greg is not only an artist, but owns a Dojo and teaches martial arts. He spoke of his love for teaching and inspiring the students at his Dojo. I could feel his pride when he talked about working with at risk kids. Gregs experience in his youth of living in New Zealand, reminded me of my through hike of the Appalachian trail. We discussed finding ourselves, me on the trail, and he living in New Zealand. His art displayed at Maia Papaya is there to help bring awareness and resources to the heroin epidemic within his community. This, in my opinion, makes him a true human being. He is taking the kind of action that actually helps people, and bring awareness of the problem.

   This man of many talents has also done what many teenage kids dream of. He was a stunt fighter in the movies. How cool is that? This summer has been a whirlwind of experiences for my wife and I, and Greg has been one of the coolest. I hope that he, and his artwork, keep inspiring us all. 

   Anyone wishing to see the artwork on display can go to” The Maia Papaya” on route 302 in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. The Artwork will be on display from August to September.



08/13/2016 9:13pm

What a great article about such a great man. Greg Williams is a inspiration to all who meet him.

08/14/2016 10:00am

We met Greg for only a short while, but he amazed my wife and I from the very start.

Rick Corrigan
08/14/2016 7:43pm

Greg Williams has changed many lives for better including mine, it's been a true pleasure to admire his art every time I go to my favorite coffee shop!!!

08/14/2016 8:33pm

I’m very glad this blog post has given some of Greg’s admirers an opportunity to share their thoughts about him, and our favorite coffee shop.


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