On our recent travels we have been fortunate to discover some humanity in Bethlehem New Hampshire. Bethlehem is located on route 302 which runs through Maine, New Hampshire, and into Vermont. 

    We had already passed through town once in the hunt for food the day before. We’d eaten from a good, but standard Chinese food restaurant. The food tasted great, however, it not only landed hard in our stomaches, but my doctor will throttle me if I eat any more of this high fat / sugar laden food. The hunt for vegetarian food was on. 

    In America today, the abundance of food almost designed to shorten your life is only footsteps away in any direction. We decide we’d need some local knowledge to find some healthy food. Where is the center of local knowledge in any town? Why the library of course. We often stop at library’s for reading and wifi. The Bethlehem public library was our go to source for all things local. The librarian pointed us not a stones throw away to Maia Papaya. 

    Maia Papaya is in a small unpretentious building next to the post office. When we walked in, the place reeked of humanity. Local artwork and music not pumped in from the classic rock stations greeted us. Vegetarian food; Score! The owner was working behind the counter side by side with her employee’s. Her establishment was an extension of her personality and values. She promotes local artists, and the walls displayed some impressive artwork. 

    I do not wish to sound like an advertisement, but everyone needs to make a living. If you can do that, and be a human too, well I’m all for it. The experience of Maia Papaya is very cool and up lifting. We would make many return trips here to drink in the atmosphere, and good coffee. 

    It's refreshing to see individual local business that are connected directly to the community, and not a corporate franchise. The growth of farmers markets and places like Maia Papaya are taking hold throughout America. I for one am very happy to see this change happening. 

    If you happen to stop in to Maia Papaya, the coffee will cost you, but the humanity is free. 



08/15/2016 6:52am

I do not know how to thank you enough for this informative post as I was just moving to New Hampshire and I wanted to know of good, but healthy places to eat at, before hand. Maia Papaya seems to be a very amiable and nice place to eat, with good food, which is not only yummy but quite healthy too! I might add this to my travel diaries on ninja essays as I am running a blog there.

08/15/2016 9:05pm

Your very welcome. I hope you find The Maia Papaya as cool as I have. Please tell them Mark Evans sent you.


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